Are You Someone 
Looking to To Make a 
Bigger Impact 
in the World?

Are You Someone 
Looking to To Make a 
Bigger Impact 
in the World?
If you have BIG dreams and want to make a BIG positive impact on the lives of the people you meet every day, then you want to stop right here!
Does this sound like you?
Dedication and focus are necessary in order to learn and apply business building strategies
We'll be building a health and wellness business together. Are you into health and wellness?
You'll be leading a team. Your confidence and positive outlook will drive your success.
Help people improve their health and wellbeing
You’ll naturally step into your leadership and create a team
As you build your team and share your vision, you create a culture that offers hope, trust and caring.

Create long-term residual income and your team will do the same.
You will build long-term friendships and establish a real sense of community.

You will grow and stretch beyond what you thought possible. You will learn how to effectively set and achieve goals that you feel good about and create smart strategies that allow you to contribute to the lives of others and achieve your dreams and goals along the way.
You will be able to share your unique experiences with essential oils in a natural way that will establish you as the “go-to” person and a resource for your customers. 

What You'll Get :
Value  Over $3000
VIP Access to Product Education Community for customers and team
52 Weekly Team Business Meetings
Monthly Strategy and Goal Meetings as needed
52 Weekly Mentor Check ins
Proven Launch Program and System 
12 Monthly Team Business Trainings
Access to Team Building Community
Residual Income
Let Me Repeat this..  RESIDUAL INCOME!
Unapologetic excellence
continuous creative flow
consistent radical breakthrough
ruthless determination to keep going
complete lifestyle upgrade
being the gold standard
authentic unleashed alignment
having it all
I have mentored hundreds of people just like you 
to help them live the life of their dreams.
 building thriving businesses Partnering with dōTERRA.
The Process Is Very Simple. 
Joining doTERRA has been one of the best decisions of my life, and one in which I have experienced so much personal and financial growth. Through my mentorship program, you will also experience personal growth and you will be surprised at the hidden abilities that lie within you.

Do you have a training or certification you are working to make profitable?

Do you have a product, service, or program you know you want to drive forward successfully, but you don't know how?

Do you start and stop your dream because you can't seem to shove past the excuses or insecurities?

Have you been sitting for too long on an idea and you need it to get in motion and thrive?

Is the engine running, but are you struggling to really pick up the pace???

Are you finding yourself in the broken record of burn out and overwhelm?

I have space right now for individuals ready to really shatter their limitations and drive forward their businesses and personal lives!

If you are ready to move forward POWERFULLY, QUICKLY, and RESILIENTLY, let's talk and see how we can make that happen!!
As a busy mom, wife and business woman, I know what it is like to be busy, not have enough time, pulled in many directions with a demand of all my attention. I'm sure you know the feeling right?

I was stressed, tired, not feeling my best physically and even though I was my own boss as a small business owner of a chain of salons, I worried about finances too. I knew that if I wanted to change I had to change what I was doing. 

I integrated essential oils to my daily life, expanded my belief for what was possible for my health and wealth. I made small, consistent changes to my nutrition/ fitness and my priorities. 

I am committed to helping you have good health and an abundant life. Together we will create positive change in the world. Create the life you've always dreamed of and live a life that feels good to you and on YOUR terms!
Again,I this you? 

Then you know what to do. 

To your Freaking Awesome Life my amazing friend. 

Build it. Live it. Share it.
Click the Button to Apply.
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